Friday, March 11, 2011

Working on it.

Well, I think I've gotten the face pretty close to where I want it to be, and frankly I'm tired of messing with it.

So, I've moved on to the body and the clothes.  The hand in the pot is giving me a little trouble, and as you can see, I haven't really laid in the arm as yet, but I'm working on it.  

Today I think there is a kiln opening, so I'm going to the studio.  I'm really excited because there's some new tiles I've been working on that should be in this batch and I want to see how they turned out.  

We may have some more benches to do for the same project, so we're all working on ideas for a presentation.  

I've put in an application for an exhibit to a gallery that's new to me.  I'll find out March 28 if I've been accepted.  It's only one piece, my acrylic of the tomatoes in the sink, but I'm hoping......

Cross your fingers, eyes, and toes that I will be showing up Monday with some pictures of really cool tiles.  Have a good weekend, all.  

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