Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now don't freak out.

Last time I told you about this form of Ted's I'm going to "embellish".  

Sometimes I like to actually plan things ahead of time before I plunge right in.  So I ended up thinking of a grade school project I really enjoyed.  

Remember when you colored a piece of paper with all different, random colors, then covered it in black, and scratched a picture through it?  I loved that project.  

So here I'm going to do it, only a bit more controlled.  My first step is to cover the piece in underglaze (three coats of each color).  That's what I did yesterday.  Today I'll paint a black pattern over it, letting the color come through in an interesting pattern.

I'm going to call this "Rainbow Roll" when I'm finished.  And I think you'll see why when I'm done.  

Occasionally you should step outside your comfort zone.  It can lead you in new and interesting directions. I'll send another picture tomorrow.  

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