Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Got the altars back.

The altars turned out OK.  I'm not totally in love with them, but they aren't horrible.  Sometimes I get disappointed when what I envision with using certain underglazes doesn't meet my expectations.

What I do find interesting is that combining different colors within the same pattern can give such a different look to each.

I think I like the black background better than the light. It seems to give it more punch.  What do you think?


Monday, August 29, 2011

Last one! Maybe....

I did one of these tall luminarias before, not so much color, but it ended up being crooked, i.e., useless.

So Saturday I spent the whole class painting this, using some new color combinations.  We'll see how it turns out, but I think I'm finally getting tired of using this cut work lace piece.  

Even though these pieces have been a lot of work, it's essentially being lazy, because I'm not trying to invent something of my own.  

I'll show it to you when it's done.  And I think my two altars will be out of the kiln this week as well.  

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bull noses

Progress on the tiles for our new (and not yet built) BBQ island.  All of the tiles are made.  56, YAY!

Did a test run of bullnose tiles for the edging to see if the Andie's blue glaze would work with the blue underglaze I've been working with.  I think they look great! So now I'll finish up the rest of the bullnoses.  32

Now darling hubby has decided we need a backsplash, so I'm thinking they can be the solid blue like the bullnose tiles.  So I go in today to make 20 more tiles.  

Have you seen the movie, "The Never-Ending Story"?  This is the NEVER Ending TILE JOB!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A lesson learned, I think.

I put three layers of color on each shot glass, all different, then sanded with a superfine sandpaper.  

Here's the lesson I learned:  because the underglaze was only one coat of each color, I quickly, and TOO easily, sanded through all layers.

If you're going to do this, do a couple of coats for each color applied, letting dry thoroughly between each coat.  

These will be bisqued this week, then I'll try to do a little more light sanding before I  clear glaze and re-fire.  We'll see how they turn out.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Number Two

This is the second altar.  I've just finished the underglaze, then it will be brushed with a clear glaze and fired.

I made this one larger, so my concern is whether it will slump more in the glaze firing.  I put additional braces in the back, and have my fingers crossed that they will be enough.  

I also used a black background instead of leaving it white like the first one.  

This one is for my favorite auntie.  I named my daughter after her.  

I'll show it to you after it's been fired. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Remember me?

Sorry for the long break - I really wasn't doing anything to show - but I've started a new project.

Last year one of the students in our Ceramics class hosted a cordial party.  A lot of us were making cordials from the fruit in our gardens.  Each person made enough shot glasses to share and brought them to the party along with their cordials. (And designated drivers!)
This person mentioned a couple of weeks ago that they'd like to do it again.

And since I'm always on the hunt for something new to try, I ran with it.  I handbuilt these 4, using a roller stamp for the pattern.  Then I brushed on a layer of underglaze.  I've since brushed on two more layers of color on each, alternating light and dark.  Today I'm going to sand them to expose the different layers of color.  When they're bisqued I'll sand a little more, apply clear glaze and fire again.  I tried this technique a few years ago, but never went further than one attempt, so I'm excited to see the results. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

First altar done

This is the first altar, completed.  I just got it out of the kiln yesterday.  It's the smallest of the three I've made so far.

I don't know whether to tart it up, i.e. the Day of the Dead stuff is all about how junked up you can make it look, or just leave it as is.

The other two are larger.  One is going to be for my Auntie Marge, my favorite aunt.  And the other will be for my first mother-in-law, who was the most fun person I ever met.  

I may yet make one more, haven't decided.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

A celebration

Just a quick note:  they did like the new vase shapes and took all three!  Think maybe I'll rethink deleting this design from my repertoire and make some more.  Yay! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New look for the gallery (I hope)

I experimented with a new shape earlier this year, and now have expanded on it with larger pieces, scalloped edges, and cut out parts that emulate the cutwork lace I used for the image impression.  

Today I'm sending this image (I know, I know, it's not the best) over to Vision Gallery to see if they would like to show them.

Cross your fingers.  I hope they like them, and I'll let you know.