Thursday, March 24, 2011

Setting tasks

I started the week in my studio doing a little clean up and found a bunch of long ends from big sheets of watercolor paper.  It gave me an idea:  I cut up the ends into small sheets that would easily fit a pre-made frame size.

One of the ideas tucked in the back of my file-cabinet head is to paint watercolors of single flowers.  I think I've taken a jillion close-up flower pictures in my life.  So now I have the stack of paper to start with.

I'm beginning with these poppy pictures I took last fall in Santa Fe.  I just LOVE poppies.

The task is to complete one picture in no more than three sittings, or basically, less than two hours.  

Sorry for this picture sideways, I just couldn't make it turn around.  I'm not such a great computer person.

So the one below is the first one, and I finished it just a few minutes ago.  I still have the tape on it.  I've learned my lesson with watercolor.  Let it DRY, before you remove the tape, or the thing curls into a tube.  Not fun.


  1. looove it! Avi is calling Lilit's room "The flower room." His is "The Toy Story room," of course. love your file cabinet brain!