Thursday, March 17, 2011

Almost there.

This is what I got done the first two days this week:  cleaned up the face a bit, and darkened some areas to give them more depth.  I like my work in pencil to be somewhat 3-dimensional if I can do it.  I also began to define the pot. 

The benefits of taking photos as you go along is becoming more apparent to me.  When I took this one I realized that the tone under the arm was not graduated enough.  I didn't like how the arm shadow was working, nor the armpit, and I realized the cuff was not right.  

In the photo below I think I corrected those.  What do you think?

Also my son came over and did a little mini critique and showed me some ideas for finishing by manipulating a photo on his I-phone.  I'm
going to try it and see how it goes.  I think it will make the drawing more dramatic, which is always my goal.  I like stuff with a punch!

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