Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Small corrections

I finished this the other day, but was not totally happy with the result.  And I couldn't pinpoint the source of my unease.  

A comment made was that the chin was too long and the forehead too high.  So I did a tiny bit more shading and took a picture (see below) so you could see the difference.  

One thing that is difficult in drawing faces, children's in particular:  it's very easy to make them look much older than they are.  Correct proportions are critical.  And it's better to be able to add more later.  Subtracting on a drawing (especially one that you've already sprayed with a fixative) is much more difficult. 

See, now that I've lowered his forehead, and rounded his chin a bit, he's lost a year in age. I think I've added too much hair, but I haven't sprayed it again, so I may be able to lose a little without damaging the paper.  

Practice, practice, practice.  

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