Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Methods

I had posted a picture of these cherry tomatoes as something I wanted to try and paint in acrylic.  I made it a challenge for myself in these ways:

1.  I'm painting over an old painting that I don't like - I've never done that before.
2.  I'm painting it in acrylic.  It's easier for me to do in watercolor - so I'm pushing my comfort envelope.
3.  I've decided to try and paint it in 4 sittings, using only two brushes.  One large to keep it loose, and one smaller for the fine details.  (face it, those holes can NOT be painted with a large brush).
  4.  I'm using a practically new tube of silver paint, that I'd bought for some accent work on a non-representational modern painting I'd done for a client a few years ago.  I've never actually painting with silver toned paint, but it seemed appropriate for this work.  I'm using silver instead of white. The bottom photo is after two sittings.  Two sittings down, two to go.  I'll show it to you when I'm done.

The easy thing to do is just go along with what you already know.  If you challenge yourself, you just might learn something new.  

I'm turning into a philosopher in my old age....

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