Monday, September 13, 2010

Tile crazy

Some days I think we're all just going nuts.  Of course I'm being silly here, it's actually going fairly well.  Most of the bench and table tiles are in the finishing stages.  We've started making the tiles for the sculpture stands.  We'll be moving ahead full bore with that starting today. 
The benches are being poured as we speak in downtown Chandler.  Al and Ted have been out to measure a few.  They're a little off from our calculations, so we're brainstorming on how to compensate for that. 
Also figuring out how to do my Cityscape since the decision has been made NOT to put it on mesh.  So what I did was put a piece of paper under my layout, and make a drawing of each piece, then number it.  Then I put the corresponding number on the back of the tiles, with an arrow pointing the direction of how the tile was to be laid.  That should work, right?

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