Friday, September 10, 2010

One Down.....

Last night I started getting my first completed bench ready for installation.  Since this one, Cityscape 2010, is going to be composed on mesh before installation, I had to figure out my composition. 
Now that it's all laid out, I will go back and draw lines around each shape, number the spaces, then number the back of the tiles, box them, then take them down to Vision Gallery, along with the little placement map I'm making.
The folks at Vision are going to help me glue these on to the mesh, and then it will stay at Vision until the bench has been poured and capped.  Then the installation process begins. 
This is just the one side.  The other side and two end caps are the blue tiles that you see on the edge.  240 of them. 
One down, two to go. 

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