Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My flowers

My son and his wife came up to visit this last weekend with their whirlwind toddler.  The only time little one sits still is if someone will read with him. This is my daughter-in-law reading to a cooling down baby.   He likes to turn the pages, and will contribute missing words in a pause, if he's read the book enough times.  His new favorite is the Tails book my daughter gave him.  It was her sons' book when they were little.  He likes the last page that shows the huge whale's tail the best. 

Going to the studio today to do, guess what..... glaze tiles!!!!

These are the flowers that make up the inside border for the oribe.  I used an orange Amoco underglaze with a clear zinc free glaze over it, then dipped the edges in the oribe.   It's interesting how the flash in the glaze firing darkened the edges.  I think it's a good look for the tile.  What do you think? 

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