Thursday, September 9, 2010

How many changes can you find?

OK, here's the original, again.  My thinking now is that I was far too ambitious with this project.  Have you ever made these mistakes:
1.  I didn't take enough time with the human form, so it looks stilted, not natural.
2.  My color combinations were not well thought out.  Sometimes intuitive is NOT a good idea.
3.  My perspective was off, and again, it made the painting end up stilted.
4.  I painted the shirt intuitively, instead of using some form of model.  Again, NOT a good idea. 

But it was a good lesson for me, and since it's in my guest room, I get to look at the lesson every time I walk by it.  Sometimes you have success, sometimes you learn good lessons.

Here's the changed painting.  I don't know if I improved it any.  I know I'm still unhappy with it.  How many changes can you find?  Besides the big ones, I mean.....

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