Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I finally got to start my last rose:  the red one.  

This is the first pass at it.  I haven't quite decided whether my lightest areas will be peach, pink or orange.  Maybe it will be all three, depending on where the light source is.  

One of the most difficult things about watercolor is that you have to paint in the reverse order of other media.  In oil and acrylic you paint from dark to light.  In watercolor it's from light to dark.  

 And here's step 2.  It was a slow day yesterday. 


  1. this is definitely going to be my favorite!

  2. so freaking amazing.

    thank you for what you said about dark to light with acrylic--i just happened to do that (flung some white in there on my third session with a canvas that turned into something i sort of like and the white on top of it all was like a revelation--going to put a little studio together for myself in our new garage!).

    can't wait to see how you hang the three together!