Thursday, February 24, 2011

All duck.

When my kids were little, I think it was my oldest son who used to say "all duck" when something was all done.  Funny, the silly things you remember.  

I toned down the rose by going over it with a light wash of alizarin crimson and opera pink.  I didn't bring it to red, but I did manage to tone down the orange a bit. That little trick works with acrylic too.  You just put a lot of liquid in the paint and wash it over an existing area to tone that area down or put it in shadow.  

My husband says this one is his favorite.  I took a picture of all three together last night.  I still like the pink one the best. 


  1. I love these--they turned out so beautifully! How hard is it to make prints of them to sell? I imagine you want to keep the originals (: