Monday, July 18, 2011

Frida and me.

For those of you who live in or close to Chandler, and LOVE Frida Kahlo (as I do), they're having a great Frida exhibit at Vision Gallery this month put on by the Phoenix Fridas.  There's fabric, paintings, bead work, sculptures, and.... this fun Frida you can stick your head through.  

Well worth the visit.  

Also totally finished my coffee table for the patio, so I took a picture (see below).  There's the two tables I did, plus the new pillows and the new planter I made in ceramics, all in one place.  

I'm so happy with the finished look.  What do you think?.....


  1. looks great & LOVE the frida pic!

  2. i love it! it must be so satisfying to make your own furniture, too . . .

    it inspires me also because i have to remember i have lots of time to get things looking the way i want them around here!

    wish i could go to see the frida with you, too!