Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two more sessions - it's coming around.

As you can see, I've added a few things, and subtracted a few.  I'm really happy with the open avocado.  Think I nailed that one.  But had to open an avocado to look at it, just to make sure.  Added the blue bowl, which gives a good touch of color and straightened the back, brown bowl.

It's beginning to come together, I think.

 There are more corrections here, and refining.  Finally put in the tomatoes, and not happy with them at all.

First, they don't look like tomatoes, more like apple blobs.

Now there are two green onions instead of three, and I put in a few more chips.  Can you tell that they're chips?  I sure hope so, or else this concept, i.e., title, doesn't work.  I'll tell you what it is next round.


  1. love-this would look perfect in my house!

  2. This looks great so far -- but the chips look more like crackers to me. Love everything so far!!!!