Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A work in progress

I showed you these little tiles I was doing as a sample for a possible upcoming tile project.  (More benches!)  If these work in with the design I'll have to do anywhere between 20 - 30 of these hummingbird tiles to use as accents in my design.  

These are the tiles, before firing.  Below are the tiles after firing.  What I learned:  the yellow I have doesn't translate.  I actually like the painterly look of the background.  I may keep it.  
 Why does this do this when I import it?  It looks fine in the file, then when I bring it over it flips on me.  Grrrrrr!  So aggravating.  

Anyway, you can see what I was talking about.  
To keep:  the painterly look of the background.  But be more aware when applying it!
To find:  a good, high-fire yellow.

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