Thursday, April 21, 2011

I saw it on Ceramics Daily

I saw a post about 2 weeks ago on Ceramic Arts Daily, and decided to try it out.  

When I rolled the slab out I laid out a piece of batten burg lace on top of the clay to give it a little more interest.

One of the guys in my class suggested that since it looked like the flowers I do on other stuff, I should paint some underglaze on it before it's fired.  

I made two of them, and so here's the second one with the underglaze.  I'll post a picture after they're fired..  

I hope that when they're done they can hold a 4" pot, so you can just plop something in.  If that works I'm going to make some bigger ones for the Christmas amaryllis that I put in my entry way every year.  Wouldn't that look cool? 

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