Friday, November 5, 2010


I went downtown yesterday to talk to the tile guy to correct a little mistake in my newest bench.  They had put the background "hole" tile in horizontally.  Nope, all vertical.  That one was my fault.  I was not specific. 

And got a great shocker.  I am 18 tiles short on the blue background.  Going in to the studio today to scour the joint.  If I can't find any hidden away, looks like I'll be making tile today. Kept me awake all last night. 

The good news:  they started on my turtle table yesterday afternoon.  I'm going by there this morning on my way to the studio to take a picture and see how it's going. 

I must have done the calculations for that bench half a dozen times.  I looked at my numbers and they still look right.  This is not the fun part. 

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