Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Dance of Life

Friday night was the re-opening of the Herberger Theater's art gallery.  I was one of the artists selected to display a piece.  The guest artist was John Wadell.  He does these amazing bronzes of dancers.  He has 12 large bronzes in front of the theater.

The reception was pretty cool.  We went with some friends and enjoyed seeing all the other artist's work, then Mr. Wadell spoke for a bit.  He's a very lucid and entertaining 92 years old.  They also had some interpretive dancers performing for us. 

My pencil drawing, "Practice, Practice, Practice" is actually taken from some poses I had my daughter-in-law do for me.  If you'd like to see some of the other work from the exhibit, go to http://www.herbergertheater.org/ and go to the art gallery tab, and then View Current Exhibit.  And there I am!!!! 

Off to the studio today to make tile.  We're getting close to finishing our original contract, so that's pretty exciting.  The City has also approved two more pieces.  So after Thanksgiving, we'll be doing some more.  One of these days here soon I'm gonna get back to wheel throwing.  Just not holding my breath!


  1. wish we could of been there to help you celebrate! happy birthday!

  2. Love this piece and I wish we could come to celebrate with you this Sat! Happy belated birthday!!! xoxo