Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little help from a friend

There's a fellow potter who's work I just love. It's very free form and her colors are beautiful. We agreed to a trade. I would get one of her smaller works, and I would make a large composting jar for her kitchen. That way she could keep more stuff in it before she had to haul it out to her garden.
One problem with that. The largest chunk of clay I can center is under 5 lbs. A big jar is at least 10 lbs. So I tried the method of centering a small piece, adding another, centering both, etc. I did get 10 lbs. - into a short, very heavy jar. Not what I was going for, to say the least.
So, I asked for help. Al, our teacher, agreed to center the clay for me, then did a quickie demo about how to bring the wall up high. I was going to do that part, but, I didn't turn down the additional help. So, this is the shape I got out of it, but the ground work was done by another.
Ain't it purty! Now my goal is to be able to do this myself. Practice, practice, practice.

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