Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello, remember me? New stuff....

It was suggested by two of my retail spots: Botanica, and The Store at the MAC, that greeting cards would be a good idea.

So several months of angst, tutorials, and major help from a friend, and I'm now making greeting cards!

These are from my watercolors and acrylics, and my serious attempts to get it right.  Now if only I could get a photo to go horizontal when I wanted to, I'd be golden.

So..... what do you think?


  1. fabuloso!!! Guess you had that idea already -- hope you sell them for lots of moolah!!

  2. you know, Sue, that I had forgotten you had suggested that. So did Niece Jamie. It just takes things awhile to get through my thick little noggin!

  3. They look awesome! You could even put together little box sets to sell more!

  4. Susan Crabtree: that has actually crossed my mind!