Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Painting fast!

Oldest grandson's birthday party(he'll be 15) is Friday, and I got this assignment last Friday.  

How's that for some really fast painting?  It's acrylic, 24 X 36, and I only have the bottom right corner to finish.  

There's some popular game with the kids right now:  Dr. Who - so this is a scene from the game.  Not violent at all, right?


  1. Well, who knew? Yuck yuck -- me either.

  2. Evidently, as explained to me by my daughter, it's not a game at all. It's a science guy TV show, and he goes back in a time machine. This scene depicts that. Nice and restful for his bedroom, doncha think? Done and ready for his party.

    1. yes, so lovely -- the things teenage boys like!!!!