Monday, December 10, 2012

Atomica Ceramica in progress

I know this is somewhat hard to see, but I wanted to show you the mask I'm working on for a show in March called "Atomica Ceramica".  You're supposed to do something in clay that you've never done before:  something new to you as an artist.

I've never done a mask.  Have never even been "into" them very much.  Never done any human likeness type sculptures.  So here we go.

This is still greenware, i.e. never been fired.  It's been challenging in another way as well.  The glaze I want to use looks best over Coleman porcelain.  Coleman isn't particularly engineered for handbuilding.  It's better for throwing on the wheel.  It wants to crack, dries pretty quickly and doesn't like to be attached to anything. 
But fingers crossed, so far so good.  Now I have to start working on my chair for the Chairitable event which is in March too.  I'll post progress on that next.  


  1. Its very cool -- a little surreal which seems to be what you are going for?

  2. absolutely and exactly what I was going for.