Thursday, June 7, 2012

My favorite editing tool

Just before I peel the tape off and count this one done, I decided to take a picture.  And here's what I need to fix, top to bottom:
1.  Vegetation in upper right needs more depth, vegetation on left is too even and needs more depth.
2.  Upper flower's left edge is lost. Have to darken the background.  
3.  Little flower underneath that has a blending lower right edge.  Needs definition.  
4.  Underside left of next flower on right should curve in, not out.  Fix.
5.  Flower just to the left of that has an upper left edge that looks squared.  Huh-uh.  
6.  Lowest right flower's stem is too rigid, needs an inward curve. 

Anything else?


  1. your attention to detail is amazing!
    ps. finally got the roses up in Lilit's room (: