Monday, February 6, 2012

New Project

A client of mine wanted to know if I could make a custom altar, or retablo, and wanted it's subject to be cats.

Sure I can.  Even though I never have, why not?  So I researched some cat pictures online and came up with this layout.  I traced it on stencil paper to lay out on porcelain clay.

The stencil paper didn't work well because it absorbed the moisture from the clay and crinkled all up.

Sam at the studio suggested that in the future I put plastic wrap between a paper drawing and the clay.  I'll try that next time.

Anywho I used a dry calligraphy pen to make the impression and after working on it A LOT after the initial impression I got what you see below.  I'm actually pretty happy with the results.  Now I have to let it get bone dry, then I'll put some underglaze on it and bisque fire it.

I'll take a picture when that phase is done so you can see how it turns out. 

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