Monday, October 17, 2011

Sources for ideas

Our ceramics instructor went around the group during the last class asking "where do you get your ideas?"  

For these tiles, I'm having to come up with 15-20 different ideas, so I've gone to my idea book.  As a class assignment a few years back we were to put together a book of ideas to use as a resource.  Since then I clip patterns from magazines as I read them.  (My own magazines, of course!) Those that catch my eye employ colors or shapes that appeal to me.  Fabrics are especially good:  the design flaws have already been worked out:  I use them as jumping off points, utilizing some of their color combinations, or design concepts.  I saw something like this on a summer sundress.  

Another source for ideas is truly basic.  Pick something you love, and go with that.  I truly love quail.  I think they are the neatest looking little birds.  This is the first time I've tried to paint one.  Not bad for a first effort, right?  


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