Sunday, July 25, 2010

Doin' a Demo

The Southwest Arts annual conference is being held at the Chandler Center for the Arts this next weekend. On Thursday, July 29th, from 6 to 9 p.m the Vision Gallery in downtown Chandler is hosting an Artist Meet and Greet as part of SWAC. Sue Berzelius and I will be there, painting on our tiles and visiting with the attendees as they come through the gallery. I'm going to bring one of my finished turtle tiles, and be painting some others as I'm talking to people.

We are working on a public art project for a downtown beautification project in Chandler that has a scheduled completion date in late fall. It has been a pretty exciting time for the five ceramic artists involved, and I've felt honored the whole time that I was even asked to participate. Also, I've been up to my eyeballs in tile! We are creating tile for 10 benches, 5 tables, and 6 art pedestals. The turtles will be on one of the tables.

I'll keep you posted here as I'm allowed to release information. I think the designs themselves are not being shown before they are installed, so it will be awhile. Pretty cool, though, huh?

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  1. this is the coolest project ever-I can't wait to see it all finished! the boys & I are going to make the best picnic lunch & have it on one of your benches when they are completed!